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Services Centre of Excellence Critical Care (ICU/CCU)
Shubham's ICU and CCU meet the health care needs of critical cardiac, medical and surgical patients who require continuous monitoring and life-saving treatments. Care is provided by a highly specialized team of Registered Nurses, Unit Co-ordinating Assistants, Physicians, Respiratory Therapists, Dieticians, Physiotherapists.

What Is the Difference Between a CCU & ICU?
Hospitals can be intimidating, and the alphabet soup of specialized departments can be especially confusing. Two of the areas treating the most critically ill patients are the ICU and CCU. The ICU, or Intensive Care Unit, cares for the critically ill patient. The CCU is an acronym that can stand for Coronary Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit or Critical Care Unit. Critical Care Unit is simply another name for an ICU. Typically, however, the "C" in CCU stands for Coronary or Cardiac, with the unit set up to treat various cardiac conditions requiring continuous monitoring and treatment. All of the departments come equipped with highly trained medical and nursing staff and necessary equipment to provide much needed care for the patient.

The primary focus in the ICU is to provide constant care for patients who may have major organ failure. It is a place where it is necessary for medications to be monitored. Patients might also require breathing treatments such as intubation, in which a breathing tube is placed in the airway. The condition of patients in ICU requires rapid decision making and swift administration of appropriate treatment. There is often a risk of complications following surgery. That is why many patients in the ICU are post surgical patients, especially if the surgery was particularly traumatic.

The CCU (Cardiac/Coronary Care Unit)
The CCU's primary center of attention is the heart. The CCU provides specialized care for the patient who has been admitted to a hospital with a heart attack, heart related complications or for cardiac surgery. The staff in this unit are specifically trained to care and monitor patients with various types of heart conditions.

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