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Ambulance: +91-7309-777-777 | Emergency: +91-7309-333-333
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24x7 Emergency

Shubham Speciality Hospitals has a full fledged, 24x7 hrs emergency department which facilitates all emergency cases. The department has state-of-the-art equipment and advanced patient monitoring systems to respond to any medical emergency by a dedicated team of qualified emergency care professionals. Whether it is a heart attack or a traumatic accident, it is possibly the safest place to come to for prompt medical attention.

Hospital has developed a well-defined emergency management system to increase efficiency of rescue efforts through improved coordination amongst the hospital staff involved in handling such emergency situations.

Our emergency facilities include:
  • Life saving emergency procedures/treatment.
  • Round the clock ambulance service is available.
  • The ambulance which is a mobile Critical Care Unit provides the patient, same care as would be available in any well equipped intensive care unit during transport of critical patients to the hospital.
  • Dedicated Trauma Ambulances capable of handling any Emergency including Trauma, Cardiac, Neuro, Renal etc. emergencies.
  • An easy to remember emergency access number - +91 - 7309 333 333.
  • Ambulances are well equipped and escorted by specially trained medical professional -indeed a "Hospital on Wheels".
  • Effective communication system between the hospital and ambulance.
You at Shubham Emergency:

Patients are attended by emergency doctors and kept under strict observation to monitor the condition. Your doctor may advice for specific tests such as ECHO, ECG, blood tests, X-rays, USG or computed tomography (CT) scans for better judgment. An emergency department staff will accompany you for such tests. Lab test results may take a few minutes to an hour. We make all the efforts to obtain the results and report as early as possible.

As soon as the test reports are available, your doctor will discuss it with you and recommend a treatment or admission. You may be referred to a team of specialists. For complex treatment or surgeries, you may be required to submit a written consent.

Your emergency visit is completed by either getting admitted to the hospital or released back to go home with medical prescription and certain guidelines by your attending doctor.

Your attending doctor may advice you to visit the hospital again for a follow-up.

You will be required to make a full payment of the services availed at the emergency department before being discharged.

We are always here to help your any query related to your health and medication.
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