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Patient Care FAQs
Why do I need to have a Visitor Pass?
We require everyone entering the Hospital to identify themselves and their destination within the hospital to provide a safer environment for our patients, visitors and staff.
How can I contact a patient in the Intensive Care Unit?
Intensive Care Unit patients have no phones in their rooms. Intensive Care Unit nurses will relay information to immediate family members only.
What are the different medical specialties the hospital has to offer?
Kindly refer to the section under various specialties offered by the hospital as displayed on the website.
What other services are available to patients while at Shubham?
A cafeteria, offering a variety of hot and cold menu items for purchase, is located above the Pharmacy. In addition to the cafeteria, offering sandwiches, snacks, candy, coffee, juice and soft drinks.

Personal Vehicles/Parking
Patients may park their personal vehicles on hospital grounds, but must register them through Security Services. Parking is free and available in the parking lot. Patients and their families are asked to observe parking restrictions, which are clearly marked. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

Public restrooms are located in Benaras Renal Clinics building.
Is patient information given to the media?
Issues of patient confidentiality demand that Shubham staff protect patient privacy. Under no circumstances will patients or patient-related issues be discussed with a member of the media without the patient's written consent.
Does the hospital offer round-the-clock service?
Yes, the hospital has staff to work round-the-clock. Consultants are available in rotation to attend to any Medical Emergency. Minor ailments are tackled during Emergency hours if required by Casualty Medical Officer.
At what time can one pick up the investigation reports?
Simple reports like routine blood tests, Sonographies, X-Rays and C.T scan are faster, but the more advanced test processes take longer time. It is advised to ask the doctor treating you to confirm the time when you may return to pick up the investigation results.
Why is no outside food permitted into the hospital?
The hospital has a modern kitchen and excellent services which offer food. To choose to receive the menu meals the dietary department has to be informed a day in advance. Outside food is not permitted as food being served in the hospital is monitored for the patient's health & well-being, chosen by the dietician and prepared hygienically.
Also arrangements are made that meals be served hot to the patients and soiled dishes are removed at the earliest thereby decreasing the chances of pests, ants, cockroaches due to food waste lying around.
Are estimates of bills available on a daily basis?
The hospital is evolving and working on a daily billing update system wherein daily updates of bills are done and the patient/relatives can inquire from the IPD the total bill as on that day. The hospital already practices a system wherein against your pending bill amount, a "Patient Outstanding" will be given to you, requesting you to deposit an additional amount.
What are payment terms and condition?
  • All patients are required to pay an initial deposit at the time of admission as specified by the admission counter.
  • For planned surgeries/packages, the entire cost of the package should be deposited at the time of admission.
  • Interim bills are produced daily and are given by billing counter. Patients are requested to mentain adequate balance to avoid any inconvinience.
  • The deposits are adjusted against full and final bill.
  • Consultation charges vary and can be enquired from the billing counter in advance.
Is transportation available?
To avail ambulance or taxi patients are requested to put up request beforehand at their respective nursing counter or at the common reception counter.
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